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Boyer Masonry and Concrete, Inc.


Concrete Work
The winters in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area are harsh and unforgiving. They can be especially detrimental to walkways, driveways and other work that is found around your home. We have the experience and skills needed to pour footings that can withstand the deep freezes, providing you with work that will last for many years to come. Whether you are looking at Minneapolis driveways or pool decks in the back yard, we are prepared to help you. In addition to pouring aprons, patios, pool decks and sidewalks with a traditional smooth finish, we also offer stamping and stained or colored concrete.

Masonry and Stone Work
Boyer Masonry and Concrete can build retaining wall systems using cultured stone or real stones. We can also help you do basic maintenance around your property in preparation for the harsh Minneapolis, Minnesota weather. We offer chimney repairs and can build fireplaces form the inside out. We will do brick veneers and can handle tuckpointing for you. Retaining walls are one of our specialties that can allow you to create more usable space on your property.

We also offer full addition services in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. We handle excavation and grading work as well as pouring the footings and basement walls and floors. Minneapolis concrete work must be done properly if it will survive the demanding Minneapolis winters. When it’s time to have a basement poured, call Boyer Masonry and Concrete and let us handle the job for you.